Wednesday, May 21, 2014


Yeah, another round of Weedcat vs Cam. Cam managed to tear the almost healed scabs off Weeds' face, so once again Weeds got the worst of it. They both ended up with a bunch of missing neck feathers, too.  Neither is seriously hurt, though.

This time, it had been raining for two days and both boys were covered with a mixture of blood & mud, so it was bath time all around.

This was after I'd been forced to just hose off his head & neck to get most of the gunk off. Not such a big shot when you're all wet, are you Weedcat?

Next it's time for the pretty beach towel!

 OK Cam, your turn!
Next to the word 'Dipshit' in the dictionary is this picture.
 He had no clue what the big white tub was for.

But that changed pretty damned quick.  

 Pretty towel time for you, too.

 Then he got to see what a bad boy looked like.

 Scrawny, embarrassed rooster.

They both got dried with the hair dryer and stayed inside for another hour and a half until totally dry since it's still cold & wet outside, then Cam went back out into the coop. Weeds is inside tonight and probably tomorrow until I'm sure no one will peck at his wounds, then HE goes into the coop and Cam into the small run like before.

I swear I'm gonna stuff them both in a box and mail them to Argentina. We're within a couple of weeks of having the back of the property cleared, planted & fenced so they'll have a 1/2 acre to roam--but no, they have to do this NOW.

Now that Cam is dry I can see that Weedcat managed to remove ALL of Cam's fluffy face feathers. Guess he spoiled Cam's pretty-boy good looks until they grow back.


  1. Hi there VS and Family! So, will Cam's pretty face feathers just automatically grow in or is it a wait for the molt/moult time?

    1. They SHOULD grow back right away...provided Weedcat allows it.