Monday, March 17, 2014


Yesterday during Chickam the chickens got some treats, some of which were hung on strings--apples, bundles of broccoli and a HUGE sweet potato.

Now, they've never had a sweet potato before, so it was something new.  I got the biggest, most ridiculous-looking one I could find at the store, because...well, chicken consternation is fun to watch.  And things on strings produces plenty of that.  They went after the apples & broccoli first since they weren't Alien Garden Things and before long were down to just the potato.  I'd carved some chunks out of it to get them started, so they knew it was food...once they'd really started on it and gotten over the wierdness of it all, they went at it with the gusto only a chicken with food can manage.

We promptly named it GLaDOS, of course.  Even Weedcat deigned to get in there for some bites.

Sweet tater, yay!

River the New Hampshire hen really enjoyed it and tracked it's every move.

Lots of the girls did.

Staring contest with a potato, GO!

Bloop got in there as well.

As it got dark they still hadn't finished it and were very reluctant to go to bed and just leave food dangling unattended.  The roos eventually went in and we could hear them scolding the girls and calling them to roost.

Don't worry girls, GLaDOS will still be there come morning.

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  1. Thank you for doing this VS. It was so much fun to watch! Yes, chicken consternation/chickspicion is a hoot! So their Chicken GPS led them to it first thing in the morning to finish it off! You'll have to let us know how the yolk colors turned out! It's nice they like the healthy treats!