Monday, March 31, 2014


Well the hatch came one day early, we had 4 chicks hatch!  The other three eggs turned out to be infertile, so we had a 100% hatch rate on fertile eggs.

The new kids joined Pumpkin the 2 week old and Alice the 1 week old in the brooder box, except for one bantam Belgian d'Uccle chick that hatched with a bad right leg and curled toes on that foot.  Her name is Mailbox, and Mailbox has been wearing a set of chick hobbles and a chick shoe since hatch day to try and straighten everything out.  She has her own seperate digs in the brooder box so that the others don't trample or annoy her.  She has handicap access to food and water, but we are also handfeeding her every hour or so to help give her a boost and make sure she is getting enough to eat & drink.  She had some trouble at first managing the splint, but does manage to get around a tiny bit.  I'll remove the splint tomorrow afternoon and check the progress of the leg & foot.

Meanwhile, here are chick pics!  First, BadMr.Frosty.


NotASandwich (IS a meatball)

And little Mailbox.  The purple stuff is her splint material.

Hatch B goes into lockdown in two days and should hatch on Saturday...but knowing our chicks they may hatch on Friday!

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