Thursday, January 30, 2014

Jack's Pighouse

OK...well, I have a confession to make, and I decided that I may as well do it here.
Unfortunately, I have been misleading you all for many years now.

I don't really have chickens. Chickam is a total lie, and although we will continue to broadcast, I feel that we should really rename it to reflect it's true identity and content. Because what I DO have, isn't chickens.

 When I saw her this afternoon after shoveling a walkway through the snow to the coop, I actually yelled, 'Jesus Christ, Burger!' No doubt my neighbors think I'm nuts. She was so thoroughly muddy that at first I had trouble IDing which hen this was. I don't know WHAT the Hell she'd been doing, rolling in mud I guess. None of the other chickens had a speck of dirt on them.

Burger more than made up for them. My husband came out and stared doubtfully at her. "Has she been fighting...?" Nope, I checked her, no blood or feathers out of place, no one else looks this disgraceful.
Smug in her supreme muddiness. 

Even Sora the white Leghorn stared in disbelief.

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