Saturday, October 5, 2013

Today's Fun Is With Pumpkins!

So today the chickens got a pumpkin...

 ...which had an appropriate expression of dismay. The seeds and stringy parts were removed to avoid any crop impactions.

At first it was thoroughly inspected...

And then, as always when FOOD is discovered, found to be wonderful.

  Baby the Kraienkoppe hen liked it...
Sora the white Leghorn hen REALLY liked it, and decided to defend her pumpkin against all interlopers. Pompador, on the right, just couldn't figure it out .

Bloop the d'Uccle roo and Fries the black mottled d'Uccle hen decided to stick with an eye, since Sora obviously wasn't coming up for air any time soon.

 While the gray Giant Cochin contingent huddled together and mostly watched.

 There is plenty left for tomorrow, although Sora didn't believe it and did go to roost rather reluctantly.

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