Saturday, August 17, 2013

Wait, Wait, WAAAIIT!

I have to admit, when I found the FIRST piece of rebar driven into the ground like freakin' Excalibur, I growled imprecations at the previous tenants.

Last night when I found the second, I whimpered.

There is no doubt in my mind that each of these is at least 6 feet long and was meticulously and maliciously painstakingly hammered into the ground just to screw over the future homeowner. They aren't in line with the sprinklers so I doubt they are marking out anything to do with them. I also fully expect to find more of the things.

Nearby these two chunks of ankle-breakers are the two wads-of-concrete-with-rotted-wood posts postholes I uncovered. None of them line up so it's pretty clear they are unrelated. Now I have to figure out WHY they hammered rebar into the ground with such malevolent enthusiasim.

Whatever the answer is...lord, it can't be good.


  1. From mofette on LJ:
    Don't try to work out why - you still have to get it out.


  2. From mandrill on LJ:
    Perhaps you just need to rent a metal detector to find all the buried (metal) hazards in the yard? Perhaps you'll uncover some silver ingots or something. ;)

    1. We have a metal detector, we were discussing using it today. It will no doubt beep every 5 seconds at all the crap in the ground until it finally goes insane and self-destructs in despair.