Tuesday, February 5, 2013

This Week's Project...

...is painting the den. The den is currently a passively-aggressively ugly shade of putty.

I'd already taken down the matching steel blinds, which added to the overall fatal-depression-inducing feel. This particular wall features painted-over paneling, yum. It didn't help that the windows were in dire need of rehab as well. They have since been recaulked and fixed up.

Seriously, the room is the poster child for 'Ugly'.

Now, the thing is...we'd decided to go with green for the den. Growing up as I did in a family where 'Eggshell' is a startling departure from 'Off-White', painting with darker colors is at first a nearly heart-stopping leap of faith. Especially when you have to apply paint to the grooves in the paneling first, which isn't the most attractive thing on Earth.

Yeah. This is the part where that little voice in your head starts screaming, 'What? WHAT?!' and hyperventilating into a brown paper bag. Shut up brain, and trust me.

Things look better after the first coat is done. I'm having to work around the furniture and do one wall at a time. The other walls will be a lighter green, I've got one coat on the one wall and it's lookin' pretty darned minty, we'll see if it darkens down a bit with the second coat.

Even better after the second coat of green is done and the first coat of window trim paint goes up.

Hopefully tomorrow will see the final coat of trim go up, the blue painter's tape removed and the windows washed, 'cause after the winter we've had, boy howdy do they ever need it.

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  1. From lonesomenumber1 on LJ:
    Nice! I painted our den a dark green, too.

    But for sheer terror, nothing beat painting the dining room *gasp* red.