Thursday, August 2, 2012

Painting Progresses...

Because of how we need to move around furniture and plan ahead on unpacking boxes, painting is progressing rather strangely. The last two days I've concentrated on half of the dining room.

Before, universal boring white.

Although NO shortage of painted-over staples, tape and nailheads thinly covered with spackle...just enough to make you think it's just a spackle glop and run the power sander over it, haha. When this happens the sandpaper tears and makes a truly horrific, loud, rattling noise that is guaranteed to make your heart stop. Even more fun if you are up on a ladder sanding over your head. Added to this kind of fun is having to scrape big glops of painted-over acoustical ceiling bits from the walls & molding. Plus the truly craptacular spackle job from two previous paint jobs--especially where some bonehead used rubberized caulk for spackle and thought it'd work--and you've got yourself a fine recipe for foaming at the mouth and moaning obscenities at the previous tenants.

So yeah, the first day is mostly scrape, repair and scrub. Then came painting, the same Americaunas-egg green for the walls as I used in the kitchen, and a light brown to match the kitchen countertops for the trim.

So far in this room I just did this corner and the wall around the sliding glass door, so that I can move a large cabinet into this corner and hang the sliding door blinds & curtains. The door to the garage will be done later.

Once this is done, I can unpack the boxes in the living room, which will clear THAT room for finishing IT'S paint job.

Meanwhile, it's 100 degrees and time to stop for the day. Oh, and we believe we have a skunk living under the house.

But that's a whole 'nuther adventure involving mothballs placed in Mason jars with holes popped in the lids, then stealthily and *carefully* rolled under the house like Molotov cocktails--all while poised to RUN.

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