Saturday, June 16, 2012

Endless Yard Work And Second Chicken Run

I'm starting to feel like that guy in myth who had to forever push that damned rock up a hill. No matter how many days on end we spend chopping and hacking at the juniper bushes in the back yard, they never, EVER seem to be going away. We have, however, by dint of raking and ruthlessly yanking crap out from under them, produced piles and piles of yard garbage.

The score so far stands at 4 giant metal stakes, 2 giant metal grappling hooks (yeah, I don't know, either), a sprinkler head, 2 huge hunks of carpeting, assorted 2x4s and other wood bits, 3 baseballs and a metal rake. Not counting a giant pile of run-of-the-mill trash like plastic milk jugs, beer cans, airsoft pellets and snuff containers. Also not counting the 4 volunteer elm trees we've cut down that were growing in VERY bad places. On the plus side, three of the four fire ant hills in the back yard are gone, and the last one is getting all my love, attention and borax/sugar treatments. I don't care if they are dead or have just moved on as long as they are GONE.

And that's just what we've pulled out from under the EDGE of the juniper bushes, no telling what we'll find once we really get in there and chop the thrice damned things out to remove them.

Also, two unmatched horseshoes, one of which sports toe clips. I'm wondering, if I find the other two do I win a free pony? I will I just find the unfortunate wearer of the shoes at some point?

The second chicken run will be attached to the coop so they can eventually share the area. Once the chicks are part of the flock, the second run will be used for sick/injured birds, for broody hens with chicks or as a seperate living space if we want to have a dedicated breed pen. So far the wire is on the roof and one side. We figure another week or so and the chicks can move outside for good, meanwhile we're also continuing to work on the enclosed part of the back yard (where the junipers are) for all of them to roam around in during the day. We've got three chain link gates to repair before they can be safely in there.

Meanwhile the chicks wait patiently and use their sisters as big ol' floofy pillows...

We did take a break the other day and ran off to the park for the annual Carson Valley Days shinding. Got the kid a ride wristband and she happily rode carnival rides all afternoon and evening. I got a shot of this fun sign, which in Nevada brought to mind loading guns, not iffy carny rides:

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