Monday, March 26, 2012

Easter Origami...

Been folding some special little things in honor of Spring, some fancy tied bows and Easter bunnies in Easter egg colors. I may fold some baskets later on if I have more time, but these fold quickly.

I think the Easter bunnies look very dapper all dressed up for Spring!

Yesterday at the grocery store we found pre-dyed, hardboiled Easter eggs. Talk about taking all the fun out of Easter! 'Sorry kids, dying eggs is too messy and I'd have to actually spend time doing something with you. Have these nasty, depressing factory eggs instead!' Boo.

Also, facial pain not improving, gonna have to go to the dentist and get my face x-rayed to see how badly my teeth/maxilla are broken after smacking myself in the face with that pair of channel locks while building the chicken coop. After years of experience I'm fairly sure I have two breaks in my maxilla and that my two front teeth are history (oh, the joys of being a Registered Dental Assistant!), which will be bad since when I smile I show everything in front.

On the plus side, maybe living in the country and keeping chickens calls for two missing front teeth. Hmm.

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