Wednesday, January 18, 2012

I Are A Homeowner!


Our home purchase closed a few days ago. We were aiming for Friday the 13th, but it was ready before that so we went ahead. Since then we've been setting up utilities, cleaning, patching walls, scraping off the previous owner's half-assed gloppy paint mess...cleaning more...cleaning...

It's supposed to snow in the next day or so, so painting will be suspended and actual moving in of our stuff will become the prime job. Pictures will be forthcoming!

Fair warning: we promised the kid she could pick out the paint for her room (within reason). She's 12, so one guess as to what color she wanted!

And yes, we stood by our promise, dammit.


  1. From mandrill on LJ:
    Congrats on finally finding a new home! I hope it's nice (after you fix it up, of course) and look forward to seeing photos!

    People on the SA forums were worried about you -- you hadn't posted in two months! Glad things are going okay even if it's been hectic. :)

  2. From Chido on LJ:
    Yay VS is back! I miss seeing pictures of your flock! This is Chido btw :)

    Oh yeah, I think you letting us adopt Roostroyer turned out into a nightmare for the poor guy. See how my nieces destroy his chicken pride XD


  3. Sorry, we were without Internet for about 2 months, there. All is well! :)