Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Last California Karate Class...

Well the kid had her final class last night for karate. We're really sad to have to leave this class behind, she's been taking karate every Tuesday night since third grade.

She was a 2nd degree blue belt. Her sensei tested her a week early to see if she would advance, and to our surprise last night he presented her with her new belt--a 1st degree RED belt! He told her that he was skipping her a belt because she had worked so hard to improve and had really earned it. He also said a lot of students drop out before reaching red belt as the class gets MUCH harder, and he'd never skipped a belt for one of his students, so this was a big deal!

Receiving her new belt:

Afterwards he told her to put it on so he could see it on her.

I'd told her 'look fierce' for this picture.

We are VERY proud of her and warned her that we were gonna brag about her!

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