Thursday, February 17, 2011

Origami Paper From Comic Books & Manga Phonebooks!

Here are some of the 2 inch squares I've been cutting lately. This paper I'm hoping to get some nice kusudamas with, since kusudamas have more opportunities to create some interesting 'stories', especially with the comic book sheets. These are from comic books from the late 1960's (no rare ones, just old 'reader' quality copies) and some from a couple of late 1980's Japanese manga phonebooks called Tokyo Mew Mew.

First up, romance & horror comics! Thought I'd mix these two just for fun.

Loads of fun stuff in here--'Nobody wants to dance with a wallflower!' 'Miss Nobody 1969!' and killer period clothing, hair & makeup. Not to mention free use of the word 'groovy'.

And the horror comics! Any comic that so freely borrows from Edgar Allen Poe can't be all bad. Also, the 'Eat Us!' words are being formed by ants. Who, indeed, persuaded the main character to gobble them up by the freakin' mittfull, for dark purposes. And dig the crazy '60's slang in the lower right corner! Yeah, this was far less quaint when you actually grew up when people spoke like this. Every bit as cringeworthy as you'd think.

Now, the sci-fi! Love the rocket ships and bubble-head spacesuits. Also, 'Day of the Triffids' and something called a 'Vibe Gun', which I'll leave to your imagination--remembering that this was the 60's. Yeah. Not to mention the apparant unreasonable fear of...phosphorus?

And the action comics, a staple for practically every red-blooded American boy growing up. 'The Cupcake Caper' was part of a Hostess cakes ad and note the reference to the bicentennial! One of these stories featured a character who insisted on annoyingly referring to himself in the third person. It made me want to punch him in the head. Namor, you drip.

The covers from the comics are glorious!

Now the manga phone books!
These yielded some simply gorgeous papers in various colors, and the printing was such that it is engraved upon a heavy paper with a lot of tooth. Really awesome papers!

The covers plus some slick ad pages:

This is just a sample of what I've got to cut, since one kusudama typically takes about 30 sheets of paper I've got some cutting to do!

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