Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas, Yay!

Merry Christmas to all, as we sift through the torn paper & ribbon wreckage.

The kid is beyond happy, she got a bunch of stuff she wanted.

Stuffed microbes--Rabies & rabies babies! They even have little bloodshot eyes...

The Monty Python Killer Rabbit slippers she's been after.

They are beyond awesome, the mouths yop-yop-yop open and closed as you walk!

She's been threatened with dire consequences should she EVER venture outdoors while wearing them, though.

I also found some time to make a few new nail polish ornaments. Although the only clear glass balls I found this year were very small and have this ugly iridescent coating on them, which showed up as a horrid band across the middle of the ornament. The nail polish works best on the bigger ornaments since it has more room to spread and make prettier designs. I did luck out and found some truly garish nail polish on sale at Walgreens! The looks of mixed shock/disgust/pity on the faces of people who passed me in the store as I shoveled bottles of this stuff, grinning like a madman, into my cart was priceless. The checker had it flash across her face too but hid it quickly...I gave her a break and explained that the dead hooker colors were for a craft project and she laughed with relief...

Anyway, here are the new ornaments!

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