Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Revenge of the Giant Meat-Eating Rabbits!

This one is just what it says: The Revenge of the Giant Meat-Eating Rabbit! With a title like that, you know you can't go too wrong. This is actually a sequel to a story she wrote about a year ago for an assignment when she was in grade school. And yeah, we DO watch a lot of wonderfully bad 50's sci-fi around here. He's even licking his chops in anticipation!

AAGGH! Run, he's on a rampage! You can easily tell this because his eyes have turned red. Also he's clutching a car and stomping a building flat. Giant meat-eating rabbits are nothing if not prim and proper however, he still has his tighty whiteys on!

Ahh, a school! Yum, he's rubbing his hands together in glee as he envisions a school sandwich!

He proceeds to snack on the building.  The 'S' and 'H' are the first to go...

Oh no, he's got Dr. Grant, the school principal! And she's 'spicier than a pepper'! He knows this, because he's doing the 'Pepsi challenge' thing between the two.

The kid and her buddy know what to do, and promptly go to the school blacksmith shop (?) and forge some weapons!

...which proves to be a gun.

Despite herself, the kid kinda thinks the giant rabbit is cute, while her buddy has somehow managed to get himself eaten, and is lamenting his stupidity.


However, a scolding and a smart smack on the nose brings him right into line, thank God. Sorry about that missing tooth there, buddy.

This was the last page, sadly.

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