Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Lesser Aspects Of Education

So last night I was folding origami spirals while the kid played Overlord II on the XBox.

She's running around a town as the Overlord character, followed by a group of minions--basically, imps from Hell. They get into the town square, where the minions run around and bust shit up, which is, after all, their calling in life.

Suddenly she notices.

"Hey, that green one is drinking!"

I tell her yes, you have to keep your minions away from the booze unless you want them to...

"EEEYYOOO, he's peeing!"

I grin, because I've played the game and know what comes after the peei--

"NOW HE'S BARFING!" She's incredulous, things like this don't happen in video games. "He's barfing on that red one!" She's practically rolling on the floor laughing.

She's fascinated, and now watches her minions more closely. Shortly she sees one mooning a hapless villager, which in turn leads to me having to explain the term 'mooning'. *cue kid incredulity/delight/hilarity/disgust*

She's tickled by the whole thing in the end, and runs her minions around to booze it up & moon anyone who stands still long enough. I have to admit, when I first started playing the game, when one of the minions (who in some parts of the game ride wolves or spiders) would call out 'giddyap!' I thought they were commenting on my less-than-stellar game play and yelling, 'Idiot!'

I wouldn't have put it past the game designers.

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