Saturday, October 16, 2010

Weeping Angel Nearing The 3/4 Done Mark...Plus Bonus Randomness!

I've got two of the wing sides put together, more loose feathers painted & ready to get glued down, the wig is painted and the dress is halfway painted. Waiting for things to dry takes quite a bit of time.

I still have to work up the backpack/wing harness rig, but really that will have to wait until the wings are done. Tomorrow I'll paint the tights while they are on the kid & let them dry while she's wearing them. Cutting down the fingers and creating the 'gloves' out of the tights is giving me the most trouble so far, the tights are surprisingly hard to sew. I know my sewing machine can hack it, the trouble is at my end in the learning curve.

It's been a strange day today. My neighbor knocked on my door at 1:30 asking for a ride to Kaiser and holding her arm, which was hurting & hanging useless at her side. Her husband & son weren't home, and the little English she speaks is very difficult to understand--and my Spanish is even worse. I took her, but partway over I figured that she was having a heart attack (pain & numbness down the arm is a symptom) and I was gonna have to put my CPR training to work...turns out she'd had surgery recently to repair some torn shoulder tendons and was checking in with her doctor. Whew!

After that, Phoenix, my big rooster, managed to tear off one of his claw tips & bled all over himself. I was in the house & had a sudden urge to check on the chickens, and he was standing near the back porch. I got the feeling I needed to check him, and found the bloody foot. He was OK at that point, nothing I could do for him. But he did hang around for pets & cuddles, all males like attention when they are sick/hurt, I guess. :)

A few hours later I had my OWN ride to the urgent care center when I stepped on a Hellaciously HUGE old, nasty, rusty, FILTHY upholstery foot with about a 6 penny nail in it. The people that used to live here used the back yard for a garbage dump and stuff still surfaces every so often, I managed to drive the damned thing into my foot admirably solidly. So off for a Tetanus shot & antibiotics.

Really am hoping that tomorrow is less...ah...'interesting'. For everyone.

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