Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Slobby Cochin Brothers...

who are living in the front entryway are like big (I was going to say 'little', but they ain't little no more!) static dust mops. Their feathers collect and hold an amazing amount of the shavings in their box. Add to that their habit of energetic flapping, which helps to distribute shavings and dust to parts of the house that they may have missed.

Then we humans come along and track the stuff everywhere.

So having Puni and Guardian in the house is an ongoing cleaning project. But due to their crippled leg each, they cannot go outside much--we have a special pen for them, but since there is sickness going through the flock and they haven't caught it, we don't want to expose them. So they are inside for now and are bored, bored, bored. We try to entertain them and they can see the TV from where they are, so I guess that helps.

Other than their bad leg each, they have both grown into gorgeous Large Cochin roos, and have big, soft, fluffy, impressive feathering--and at only 5 months old! They are also big sweeties that LOVE attention, cuddling and petting. I believe they are both roos based on their feathering, but neither has ever crowed so far--they hardly make any noises, actually, just some soft clucks here and there, and Guardian lives up to his name by sounding his alarm cackle every so often.

Hopefully by years' end I'll have the money saved up for the surgery each one needs to straighten out and reset their legs--each of which work, but are pointing the wrong direction. My dream is to see them happy and out in the yard someday...

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