Saturday, August 7, 2010

The Latest Project...

...is doing the embroidery on my canvas shopping bags!

I finally got the reduced size iron-ons that I'd been trying to get from my ebay seller, after MUCH emailing to and fro on my part. The new size fits nicely within the 5 1/2 x 9 inch space I had to work with on each bag--the thicker handle material was beyond that, I didn't want to try and embroider on THOSE!

Here's the design, 'A Chicken's Romance':

It's cute, but one problem I had right out of the gate was that I had 10 bags, and only 8 designs (two aren't shown here)--so I'd have to re-use two of them. Oh well, no big deal.

Here are the iron-ons--I had to explain to the kid why they were backwards!

In addition to the ones above, I had two more that were just the hen and rooster with no text. I'd gotten two packages of DMC embroidery floss, there are some gorgeous colors in there, but strangely, neither package had black or white--I had to buy those separately.

The bags each have a pocket on one side, so the smaller picture of the hen or roo went on the pocket and one of the larger designs with the text went on the side without the pocket. The bags have different color straps--pink, green, red, black or blue.

Applying the iron-ons was surprisingly difficult, I don't know if it was the thick, tough cotton canvas of the bags or the iron-on, but I suspect it was the iron-on due to the fact that it was a computer-generated iron-on. A couple of the bags got a bit of a scorch mark from the iron, despite my being ultra-careful. I hope they will wash out...

I decided to start with 'Cute Catch' since it's my favorite. I'm going to differ from the VERY 70's color scheme on the original package and incorporate a bit more color into the rooster's tail, and may add some beading & sequins for added tacky glitz. I haven't embroidered anything for at LEAST 20 years, so I was pleasantly surprised that I still remembered how to do various stiches and they came out fairly neatly.

My shopping trips should be a bit more colorful after this!

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