Monday, July 19, 2010


Working on the promised trip to Yosemite for all of us, aiming for sneaking off for a couple of days in mid-August. Today I ordered each of us a hiking staff as a surprise for the kid, along with some hiking medallions. She'll get another medallion for every area she hikes in the future. She is absolutely INSANE to go camping, so we may opt for the 'tent cabins' in Yosemite as a middle ground since we don't own any camping equipment (despite years of camping as kids in Scouts and with family).

Hopefully the 'tent cabins' have bear boxes for food storage, since I doubt if my '69 Plymouth convertible top would offer much of a challenge.

Can't wait to cruise Yosemite in my classic convertible! Hope it can make the trip...

In other news, the nectarines on my tree in the back yard are beginning to ripen! I figure another week or so will see harvesting the things in full swing. Meanwhile, the chickens are joyfully leaping off the ground to peck at the hanging fruit like they are tasty pinatas. Time to fence off the tree for the time being!

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