Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sequins, Sequins Everywhere...

...and I think I'm going blind.

Sewing on sequins is surprisingly fussy, any little wobble in the design stands out like a sore thumb. This is taking some good strong lighting and LOTS of patience. I also noticed a problem with the instructions and the 'finished' shot they used in the cover sheet for the kit--they forgot to do the head of the Goldfinch! In the instructions, they show his little head literally encrusted with beads & sequins.

I'm thinking he looks better with his head unsequined, except I may do the black patch on the top of his head. Entirely sequined I think he'd look like he had a growth on his head.

It's proving every BIT as tacky and cheesy as I had hoped, though.

Onward to glory, boys.

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