Thursday, April 1, 2010

More Stuff...

The Plymouth has gleefully decided that it isn't going to let anyone enter on the passenger side anymore, thank you. Damned stubborn car. The push button on the outside of the door has been getting stickier and sticker, and today just made a very final-sounding, horrible grinding sound when I opened the door. It DID open, with much cussing, teeth-gritting and two-armed heaving on the door on my part. I think I bullied it into submission. Not easy to do with a 41 year old chunk of Detroit steel, but I did it.

But obviously, tomorrow's project: take apart the passenger door on the Fury and see what the heck is up in there, and fix it if I can. Not looking forward to taking the inner door panel off, when I removed them before to refinish the panels the plastic clips that keep them on were showing their age...I need to add 'replacement clips' to my never-ending list of impossible classic car parts to find/repair.

The kid managed to pull off the Spaghetti tree harvest trick on both a friend at school, her cousin, AND her grandmother today. *sniff* I'm so proud... I just made sure I took my little Chicken Drum (makes a VERY authentic chicken sound) around today, making it sound in inappropriate places and then carefully assuming a blank look when people started whipping around looking for a chicken at their feet. Great fun.

Went out tonight to drop off the kids' overnight stuff at grandma's since she's spending the night there, stopped at El Pollo Loco on the way back and narrowly escaped a HUGE blockade by the local police department--they had a major street blocked off for who-knows-what was going down. It looked like a major accident involving a whole slew of cars, though. Come to think of it, I also got to see one of my neighbors over by my daughter's elementary school being arrested first thing this morning when I was taking her in, too. He did NOT look happy.

On the way home tonight it was amusing to experience the mixture of Spring scents with people cranking up their fireplaces due to the cold snap we're having...

*Driving along with the top down, cold weather be damned*
*aroma of fajitas grilling*
'Orange blossoms...'
*fresh-cut grass smell*
'Ooooh, Night Blooming Jasmine!' (the scent of which is like sex and just melts me, thank you)

Yeah, really jarring when you are just floating along in a convertible enjoying a Spring evening.

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