Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Ready, Set,...

Tonight the eggs in the incubators got their last turn. We've left them numbered side up so people watching on the webcam can pick out & cheer on their favorite egg. We also added water for the last time. Most of the eggs were REALLY stubborn about how I wanted them to sit vs. how THEY wanted to sit--a good sign, the weight shifting inside means a chick. We still have yet to find a brooder box. I'm really going to have to hunt one down tomorrow as I need time to cut the window in the side, place the hardware cloth 'window' in it and otherwise get it ready for cute lil' balls o' fluff.

Unexpectedly, Moxie, one of the chicks from last year's May hatch, has gone broody! I don't know if she would be a wise choice for mama, since she is so young (only 9 months old) and inexperienced, and being at the lower rungs of the pecking order doesn't have much clout with the flock. Blue is still broody, but she is so tiny that there is no way she'd be able to handle more than 6 or so babies, and she is in the lower third of the pecking order. I'd really prefer that one of the bigger and more established hens such as Moet or Boots would take on the mama job.

The caged birds are VERY excited, they know what the incubators mean and that hatch day is almost here! Once chicks start peeping they'll be yelling their heads off to let us know.

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