Saturday, May 3, 2008

Let's Try This Again...

OK, now it's Incubator Wars!

New one on the left, old one on the right:

The chart on the wall is so we can mark the three-times-daily egg turning routine. The new incubator has 42 eggs in it, the old one 18--plus a new thermometer. We're running old and new side by side in order to test the old one. If all goes well, all of the eggs will hatch simultaneously.

All loaded up!

The eggs in the new incubator on the left are numbered, so when Chickam fires up, people can place their bets on which egg pips hatches first. :) It kills me how in the 6 years or so since we bought the first incubator, the only thing that is different with the new one is a different style thermometer.

Twenty-one days from now, on May 24th, there had better be cute fuzzy peeps running around this house!

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