Friday, January 25, 2008

Smart Assery In Action

The other day, N.'s elementary school sent home as part of their Wednesday weekly newsletter a notice that on Friday of THAT week they were having a 'I'm Going To College!' theme day, and asked that the kids wear their favorite college T shirt to school.

Well, what I DON'T happen to have lying around is a college T shirt in a childs' size.

Seriously, 24 hours notice?!

Because by the time I get the newsletter Wednesday evening, it only gives me 24 hours to get a shirt by Thursday evening to have ready at 7AM the next morning. It brought to mind the old game show, 'Let's Make A Deal' where Monty Hall went through the audience asking them to produce from their purses and wallets various weird things. "I'll give you $500.00 for 6 ping pong balls, but they all have to be plaid!"

Hey, THANKS school!

So in protest, I asked my fellow goons over at SomethingAwful.com to help come up with a T shirt design that I could print out on an iron-on and make my own T-shirt. I came up with: "California College Of Beauty, Auto Repair And Hair--Where Failure IS An Option!"

Some of the contributions were, 'Education Hut', 'Steve's College Of Stuff' and 'University Of Phoenix--Click Here To Graduate' among many others. The goons had great ideas. The winning design was suggested by one member, another created the design, so I got them both forum upgrades. I was able to get the T shirt done in time for her to wear on Friday, here it is...

That famous Ivy League school, 'Harrrvard'!

I love how he incorporated the Harvard shield logo. Hard to get a picture without tons of glare. I asked her what the deal with the finger was and she said, "It's my pirate hook!"

A better shot of the design, with less glare:

Although J. and I got a good laugh out of the whole 'Harrrvard' thing (colleges being modern-day pirates who rape and pillage your bank account), sadly, not one person at school got the joke. But the other kids DID like the skull and crossbones.

Thanks goons, you're the best!

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