Friday, April 20, 2007

Spider Twinkie!

One of the best parts of having kids is getting to mess with them.

Every so often, after she has gone to bed for the night, we will take a few of N.'s toys out onto the living room floor and stage elaborate dinosaur tea parties, stuffed animals coloring with crayons in her coloring books, etc. So when she wakes up in the morning and stumbles out of her room, she finds them. She's still young enough to believe that it's the toys sneaking out to play while she sleeps, and has a lot of fun discovering them, talking to them and playing with them.

Tonight, as a reward for coming home from school today on 'green' (second grade color code for 'behaved herself for a change'), I set up this:

Spider Twinkie!
I can only imagine her reaction tomorrow morning to one of her plastic spiders sitting with his butt parked in her Easter bunny bucket, about to devour a hapless Twinkie.

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Springtime Grade School Art!

N. brought home this classic bit of second grade artwork the other day, it's your basic tempera paint painting of little birdies with orange construction paper beaks. Can you tell she shares her home with real birds?

And a close up of the fun part, note the little guy with his eyes squinched shut, wings over his ears, desperately screaming, "Stop Peeping!!" while the other ditzy little twits chirp merrily on:

This is too good to store away in a box, I'm going to have to frame it!