Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Fun With Found Objects!

The other day we were visiting Disneyland and found a little girls' Disney autograph book near the telephones. I think she'd lost it early on in her visit that day as it only had a couple of character autographs in it.  We waited for a few minutes but no one returned for it, so seeing that she had been smart enough to write her name and address (in Las Vegas, Nevada) in the book, we thought we'd drop it in the mail to her.

But first--!
We took it around The Park with us, posing it with some Disney characters and taking pictures as they signed it--Mickey, Minnie, Chip & Dale and Goofy.
The letter we sent along with it...

The Magic Towel is a supercompressed washcloth that unfolds when you get it wet.  Today I mailed the book, pictures and all the stuff to her, hopefully she'll get a grin out of it!

The stuff...

How wonderful is it when you get back something you thought was lost forever?  Yay for mystery packages!

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